Ferried – The Production Diaries (7)

Less than three weeks away! It’s not long until the shoot. This film is becoming like a giant snowball, gaining momentum the closer we get to the shoot date. There’s a lot for me to be getting on with so I’m afraid this will be a brief post. The Kickstarter launched We launched our Kickstarter […]

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Ferried – The Production Diaries (6)

When you wish upon a star I’m very pleased to announce our first star. Navin Chowdhry will be playing Ahmed. Navin is a fantastic actor who has appeared in lots of films and TV shows including Teachers, Doctor Who and Midsomer Murders. We are really excited to have him on the team. He can even […]

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Ferried – The Production Diaries (4)

What a difference a week makes… You’ll remember me ending last week’s post with The Dude’s eternal phrase “Strikes and Gutters”. Well, this week feels like a half-strike. We are still waiting to bag our stars and I’m still chasing up the funding contract. But… ….We heard that Kickstarter, through their partnership with Shooting People, […]

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Ferried Short Film – The Production Diaries

Welcome Welcome to the first Ferried Production Diary Entry. For those that don’t know here’s a little summary about the film: Ferried is a character led, dramatic short film about loneliness in older people; it shows what one man’s kindness can do for another. The film looks at the beginnings of a friendship between Michael, a seventy-something widower, and Ahmed, […]

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Raindance 2015 Debrief


We’re a bit late with this blog post… Got so caught up in making films and that we forgot to actually get it on the website. Better late than never, eh? So that’s Raindance for another year. For those of you who don’t know, Raindance is a giant, international showcase that celebrates and supports new […]

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Forgotten Conflicts Blog

Forgotten Conflicts

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, Drew and I went to the inaugural Remake Film Festival. It’s a great concept: filmmakers make a short (max 7mins) inspired by a famous scene from cinema history. The three scenes this year were the ‘we’ve always got Paris’ scene from Casablanca, the eponymous scene from Singing in the Rain […]

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Dealing with Rejection in Filmmaking


Drew and I knew from the beginning that starting a film production company wouldn’t be all champagne, premiers and after-parties. After all, we don’t have money falling out of our pockets (yet), we aren’t BFFs with Eddie Redmayne and we certainly don’t do jazz-er-cise with Danny Boyle on Sunday mornings*. We are two people with […]

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