Neither buddy-movie caper, nor saccharine, rom-com fare, Late is a portrait of true female friendship: knotty, supportive, frustrating, indispensable. Lauren and Ellen are normal young women, facing a normal situation. One that almost every woman faces, and not once; the sort of thing that very few men are privy to: something potentially life-changing, but also everyday.

And they don’t change radically (very few people change over the course of twenty-four hours), they just carry on, their friendship strengthened by an- other moment of kindness

This was our most challenging short to date. The film is set in the early 90’s so we decided to shoot on Super-16mm film. We also set ourselves the target of producing the film with an 80% female crew.

We shot Late in June 2017 and aim to have the film completed in November 2017.

Starring Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones, Furious 7), Julia Cranney and Enyi Okoronkwo

Directed by Robyn Barresi
Written by Julia Cranney

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