Honest Charlie

Honest Charlie

STATUS: In Development


Honest Charlie is a British crime drama about four Oxford undergrads who become cocaine dealers.

Ruinously insecure and dangerously clever, Charlie is the chaotic core of a group all too familiar with the casual drug-taking of normal, Noughties’ teens.

But they think they’re better than everyone else, smarter, and so when they start dealing, they soon think that they’re masters of an underworld more brutal than they understand.

Pride goeth before a fall.


Oxford is an Institution: either you make it work for you, or you fail. Like London’s drug-dealing gangland, it is beset by rules, established authorities, and fierce competition.

Somewhere between Adulthood, Layer Cake and The Riot Club, Honest Charlie lets us look at a group of teens-turning-twenty as they get into a game that will destroy them.


For more information please email: ollie@twicecutfilms.com


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