How we came to making Ferried

The beauty and isolation of Yorkshire

The beauty and isolation of Yorkshire

Ferried was not the first short I thought I would make. It came about last year when Ollie was still working, and I was looking for someone who could help get another script off the ground. The premise of that original film (Automat) was that a young man finds out he has blood cancer and decides to take his own life. I’d written for and been involved with The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) and wanted to discuss suicide (and the suicide/euthanasia boundary) without trivialising it. Ollie liked the script, and knew it was an important topic, but with his Production Hat on (a hat he was born to wear), gently let me know that a short with three locations and 14 main actors (including an infant) was maybe a bit ambitious as a first film. We started talking about loneliness, and from loneliness our elderly relatives, and how tough it was (limited structural support; difficulties in enabling older people; the duty of carers).

This was late in 2014 and over Christmas the two of us decided that we wanted to make films and that this was an important issue worth talking about. In January we sat down to talk about how we might go about this and decided to focus on the relationship between an older man and his only regular visitor, Ahmed. Over the next two months, I sat down and wrote the script for Ferried, while Ollie went about quitting his job. In April 2015 Twice Cut Films was born.

A film, though, needs more than a script, and a film company more than a decent name and (excellent) logo. The slightly strange grammar of this post’s title reflects the work in progress that Ferried is. We have made huge strides in getting Age UK and The Silver Line to support us, and are making great headway hiring crew and getting talent, but there is lots of work to do.

Some of our future posts will be about what we’ve learnt about loneliness in older people, but also there will be a series on what we’ve learnt trying to make our first film. Any other budding film-makers ought to get in touch so that we can learn more; for now, we march on.


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