Ferried – The Production Diaries (6)

When you wish upon a star

Navin Chowdhry

Navin Chowdhry

I’m very pleased to announce our first star. Navin Chowdhry will be playing Ahmed.

Navin is a fantastic actor who has appeared in lots of films and TV shows including Teachers, Doctor Who and Midsomer Murders. We are really excited to have him on the team.

He can even drive, which is handy. Something I’d forgotten to check before we offered him the part.

We filmed the Kickstarter video

Most crowdfunding pages have videos. They show potential supporters who you are and what you are hoping to do. They are a great way to get people interested in your project.

I was nervous about having to speak to camera and sell the project. I don’t have the most exciting voice and I am not particularly animated so I was very self conscious about it.

Filming the Kickstart video

Filming the Kickstart video

Fortunately, Mark and Roxy do this stuff for a living so they made me feel really comfortable about it all. And having Drew in the background, smirking and making the odd helpful comment, made it all feel quite jolly and relaxed.

So in the end it wasn’t too bad. Quick and painless. Though I am yet to see what it looks like…. It could be awful!

It will hopefully be ready over the weekend.

In other news

Honest Charlie Cover

Honest Charlie Cover

This week Drew completed the script for the feature we have been developing. Honest Charlie is about the rise and fall of three Oxford undergraduates who become drug dealers.

The theme is a world away from Ferried but it sticks to our goal of making excellent British films.

Things to do next week…

  • We still need to confirm the sponsorship. The lawyers are taking their time!
  • Launch the Kickstarter
  • Find a director of photography

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