Ferried – The Production Diaries (5)

What’s new?

We have had encouraging noises from potential cast. I feel like a fisherman with a prize winning carp on his line. Now we need to reel them in without scaring them off. Or them scaring me off….

We are a step closer to finding a location. One of my brother’s friends has very kindly offered her house for us to use. It’s an excellent start!

We have made great progress on the Kickstarter page. They are helping us pull the page together – because our project is awesome – and it is starting to look really good. All that is left to do is shoot the video. (Something I am not looking forward to because I’m sure it will be cringe-worthy.)

Anyway, this leads me to a question I’m sure a lot of people are asking….

What is ‘Kickstarter’ and ‘crowdfunding’?!?

Let’s start out with crowdfunding. The Google dictionary definition is:

“The practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.”

In the old world of film funding (read pre-internet) potential filmmakers would have to go to bodies like the BFI, the BBC, Channel 4, etc… and pitch for money. Or they would have to find a rich benefactor. Or just be rich themselves – that has always been a great way to fund films.

Or you could go knocking around your city knocking on every door pitching your project to each person individually to see if they want to purchase any cool products/tickets/experiences you have. Doesn’t sound too efficient.

In the internet age things are different. You can knock on millions of people’s virtual doors without wearing out your best pair of shoes.

Crowdfunding sites let you showcase your project for the whole world to see. They enable you to tell people who you are, what you want to do and they allow you to show potential backers what you will do for them.

Not just about the funding

Let’s us not forget the crowd. This partly refers to raising money from a large crowd. But what that means in practise is you are engaging with an audience.

You are building a crowd or community around your project. Once someone has funded your project – ‘backed’ in the lingo – they are far more likely to be invested in the success of the film.

That’s great because it means that you have more people talking about and sharing your project online. And it shows a demand for your project, if that’s what you need.

One of our goals for Ferried is to engage a wider audience. What better way to start than with a crowdfunding campaign.




Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site. We decided to use it because it is the best for artistic and creative projects. There is a fantastic community that love to support excellent projects.

At the time of writing 11 million people have backed a project using Kickstarter, $2.3 Billion has been pledged, and 104,182 projects have been successfully funded.

Have a look at their projects page. It’s fun to see what people are doing.

Kickstarter funding is all-or-nothing i.e. you must reach your funding goal to get any money. We like this feature because it shows everyone that we are confident in hitting our target. But it also means there is no room for complacency!

It’s so easy to back projects

Another reason we love Kickstarter is the ease with which one can back projects.

You just click on the reward you want – create an account if you haven’t got one – and it takes you through to their secure payment page. Once you’ve put your card details in you are done. You won’t pay anything until the project ends and then only if it is successful.

Our campaign

We will be shooting a short promo video about the project on Monday and hopefully we can go live next Friday. It’s looking really good and I am confident that we will reach our target.

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