Ferried – The Production Diaries (4)

What a difference a week makes…

You’ll remember me ending last week’s post with The Dude’s eternal phrase “Strikes and Gutters”. Well, this week feels like a half-strike.

bowlingWe are still waiting to bag our stars and I’m still chasing up the funding contract. But…

….We heard that Kickstarter, through their partnership with Shooting People, really like Ferried and want to help us with our crowdfunding page. Crowdfunding is a dark art and we are very new to it so having Kickstarter’s help is fantastic news. Watch this space!

For those who don’t know what crowdfunding actually means I’ll be explaining it in next week’s blog.

So what’s it all for?

I think it’s worth thinking about why we are making Ferried. That is, on top of wanting to make an excellent (possibly award winning) short film.

We say we want to engage an audience but what does that actually translate to? A marketing guru would say, “What’s the call to action?” And secondly, how are we going to achieve it?

Be seen!

Our most basic aim is for the film to be seen. Seen by as many pairs of eyes as possible. Impressions in marketing speak. Even if the viewer takes no further action the issue has been planted in their head (think Inception). They will then be much more receptive when they hear about loneliness in older people in the future.

So how are we going to achieve this? After all, getting your film seen is the holy grail of filmmaking! We have teamed up with our – still to be announced – corporate partner who has a vast social network. Working across platforms we will be able to reach a very wide audience.

Phone home…

Secondly, we want to remind the audience to call their Granny. Or their Dad. Or their Great Aunt Sue. We aren’t calling anyone a bad grandson, daughter or grand niece. We are saying that it can be easy to forget someone who is out of sight. We all do it and sometimes we need a reminder.

It’s amazing what the small act of making a phone call can do for an older person living alone.

You’ll have to watch the film to know how we are going to achieve this…


And finally we want to help highlight the great work done by our charity partners, Age UK and The Silver Line, and hopefully get people to volunteer with or donate to them. We will do this by working closely with them to promote their work in conjunction with the film.

This video from The Silver Line shows how valuable their work is.

Things to do next week:

  • Confirm the sponsorship
  • Check in with the agents for responses from actors
  • Kickstarter video

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