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For those who wonder what I do all day

Welcome to the first Ferried Production Diary Entry. For those that don’t know here’s a little summary about the film:

Ferried is a character led, dramatic short film about loneliness in older people; it shows what one man’s kindness can do for another. The film looks at the beginnings of a friendship between Michael, a seventy-something widower, and Ahmed, a jovial taxi driver. During the film Michael comes out of his self-imposed isolation while Ahmed has to cope with the illness of his brother.

T – 9 Weeks to shoot

Filmmaking is a dark art. We see actors tumbling out of Mayfair nightclubs at 3am and hear directors talking about their ‘vision’ all the time. But very few people know about the nuts and bolts of pulling a movie (or in this case short film) together. My experience, so far, is that filmmaking is a journey and I want to take you along with me.

If you have any questions about the process of making Ferried, filmmaking in general or why we even bother feel free to message us. We would love to hear from you.

But first, let me fill you in on where we are with Ferried:

Ferried was conceived back in March 2015 from reading an article about black cab drivers. One of the cab drivers told of older people so lonely that they would pay for a taxi just so they would have someone to talk to. Drew and I decided that this subject matter would make an excellent short film. And, without sounding too grand, it could – just maybe – drive social change.

Quickly we plotted out the story and Drew wrote the script. We took the script to Age UK and The Silver Line who both loved the message behind the script and the way it portrayed older people. So far so good.

With that ringing endorsement we went out to try and bag a ‘name’ (a famous actor). Understandably, a couple of nobodies (technical term) making a short film don’t get much traction with any agent worth their salt. We received dozens of very polite “Thank you but no”s. Back to the drawing board…

Ferried Drawing Board

The answer has to be somewhere…

Over the summer we got our first break. A major UK manufacturer (to be announced soon) really liked the film’s message and agreed to partner with us. With them on board it became a little easier to get people excited about the project. [At the time of writing the contract isn’t signed so let’s hope this doesn’t jinx it]

Soon after we found an excellent director, through the excellent website Shooting People. When we came to casting he revealed he was reasonably good friends with a VERY famous older actor (definitely a name). So we sent the script and got a very positive response. Was this to be our BIG break…?!

Find out in the next installment! (I’ve got to eek this out for the dry weeks where nothing really happens…)

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