Twice Cut Films is an independent film production company based in London. Twice Cut aims to make excellent films with a social purpose or a strong commercial appeal.

The company was founded in 2015 by producer Ollie Watts and writer Drew Gepp. They both come from a business background but are now pursuing their passion for story. Using their experience, they are developing new ways of funding short films by working with brands and charities. By identifying aims of all stakeholders we can make films that are beneficial to all parties.

Ferried is the first short film produced under the Twice Cut label. Ollie and Drew are developing two further shorts and two feature films aimed at a mass audience.

Ollie Watts


Story is at the heart of all Ollie’s projects. He works closely with writers to help develop ideas into fully formed scripts. Every film must have a clear message and intended market. Ollie has worked on several short films, web series, music videos and corporate shoots. Ferried, completed in September 2016, is the first project under the Twice Cut Films banner.

Ollie came to filmmaking after four years in finance, having studied physics at Oxford University. This professional experience has given Ollie a keen eye for detail and budgeting, and an analytical, problem solving mentality that ensures projects run smoothly.



Drew Gepp


Drew Gepp is a writer from London.

After reading English at Oxford, Drew spent five years working in Digital Media. During this time he wrote for the charity CALM, and started work on a novel. Since leaving his job in 2014, Drew has dedicated his time fully to writing. He has had fiction and non-fiction published by Arachne Press, Newsweek, and others.

Ferried, completed in 2016, is the first film that Drew has written. He has another in development and two features in development.

He started Twice Cut Films with Ollie so that he could carry on telling stories.




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